Rocky Falls is for camping in the Evansville and Mt.Vernon, Indiana area.

Nestled into southwestern Indiana, our campsite is in the midst of 10 acres of rich Indiana Forest trees, virtually unscaffed by the touch of humanity.   There is a small fresh water creek that naturally flows from the many springs that can be found in this part of Indiana.

Rocky Falls campground contains beautiful native Indiana Forest.

Our running Rocky Falls.

Rocky Falls sits on top of one of these slow-running fresh water springs which provides the water for our real Rocky Falls!  Our spring waters come straight out of the ground, surrounded by God's natural water filter, sandstone. The fresh water seepage forms an all-natural pond which is centered in the middle of our campgrounds.  Every campsite is within 1000 feet of this beautiful pond & waterfalls!  The waterfalls are operated daily Memorial Day thru Labor Day, from 7pm to 10pm.  Come and join us for this spectacular day and night time view! 

Let the sound of the splashing water put you to sleep every night here at Rocky Falls!