Rocky Falls is for camping in the Evansville and Mt.Vernon, Indiana area.

Campground rules:

  1. Check out time: Check-out time is 8:00pm.
  2. Check in time: There is no check in time.  You may go ahead and pick out a site upon arrival.  The manager will come and collect later.
  3. Vehicles:  Only one vehicle per campsite is allowed.  Additional parking can be found on the lower level.
  4. SPEED LIMIT: The speed limit on the entire campground is 20 MPH ONLY (enforced).  Please be very careful of children at play.
  5. Recreational Vehicles:  There are no recreational vehicles that can be operated at Rocky Fall's.  Once again, children at play.
  6. Water usage:  You are permitted to wash your RV/vehicle twice a month or extra fees are incurred for the extra water usage.  Water toys that require constant water usage (like slip-n-slide's and sprinkler's) are not permitted.  One time items (like small blow-up kiddy pools) are ok.
  7. Facility use: The dump station, bathhouse, picnic tables & etc. are for paid guests only.
  8. Pets: Pets are welcome, but must be on a leash or in the camp unit when not attended.  They are not allowed to roam freely.  Pet owners are ultimately responsible monetarily for damage done to (building, furnishings, property,  & etc.) and must be responsible for the safety of others who may encounter the pet.  There is a maximum of two dogs per site without management approval.  Any pet which is, in the opinion of the management, creating a disturbance, is being a nuisance, or is a danger to others shall immediately be removed from the campground by the owner when requested.  Pets are not allowed in the bathrooms/bath house, Laundromat, or the Pool & Arcade Room.
  9. Noise: Unreasonable noise levels at all times of the day are not permitted.  Because of our unique location we attract a wide variety of visitors.  Some of our clientele are traveling tradesmen who sleep during the day.  Please respect our 85db. noise ordinance.  There is no noise permitted between 10:00PM-7:00 AM.
  10. Firearms: There are no firearms of any sort that are allowed to be discharged on the premises.
  11. Guest accidents or injuries: Rocky Fall's Campground will not be responsible for accidents or injuries to our guests.
  12. Loss of guest valuables: Rocky Fall's Campground will not be responsible for loss of guest valuables of any kind.
  13. Damage policy: The person or persons making the reservation of the campsite is ultimately responsible monetarily for damage done to building, furnishings, property & etc.
  14. Conduct: Good conduct shall be maintained at all times.  Loud foul language or obscenity will not be tolerated.  Renters are responsible for the conduct of their children and guests.  If misconduct is an issue, renter, family and guests will immediately be required to leave the premises without monetary refund.
  15. Service policies: Rocky Fall's Campground and / or the property owner reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.



  1. Hunting and Wildlife: There is no hunting permitted at Rocky Falls.  Rocky Falls Campground does have a wildlife habitat.  We must always respect and take care when we are around it.  Agitation or harm of any wildlife is not permitted.
  2. Campfires:  We do allow for campfires, but they must be on the upper level of the campsite.  We allow no campfires on the lower level.
  3. Firewood and our trees:  You can not cut down any living tree(s).  If there is a limb or branch that obstructs the functionality of your campsite, then please notify the Manager.  You are permitted to pickup and burn any dead fall that you may find at our campgrounds.  We have a rich 10 acres of Indiana forest trees accessible from the upper level of our premises, there is plenty of dead fall available.
  4. Trash:  We provide you with an on premises dumpster.  Please keep your campsite tidy. Only Campers are allowed to use the dumpster.
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